About me

Hi there, my name is Rachel Castillo and I am based in Amsterdam. When I was a child, I had a dream of starting an orphanage to support vulnerable children. However, as I grew older, I realized that this was just the beginning. My ultimate goal is to create a world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

This led me to study fashion and management, and during my studies, I had the opportunity to visit factories in China, Hong Kong, and India. It was during these visits that I became convinced that it is possible for us to have a mutually respectful relationship with one another.

After I graduated, I worked at two fashion companies as a Sustainability Manager. I learned what is needed to bring responsibility into practice. However, I wanted to develop my theoretical understanding of the topic, and I pursued a Master’s in Responsible Management in Berlin.

Then an opportunity arose to work at the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands. It was a multi-stakeholder initiative where we worked together with governments, NGOs and companies (+65) towards a positive impact on global supply chains within the garments and textile sector.

As the initiative came to a close, I couldn’t ignore the persistent voice inside me asking, “Is it time to start your own business?” And the answer was a resounding “YES!!”

Now, every day is an adventure as I work on various projects with different clients, constantly fueling my energy and passion. And when I’m not working, I indulge in my love for writing and exploring the complexities of human nature and the world around us. Whether it’s through immersing myself in different cultures or getting lost in a good book, my thirst for knowledge and experience is never quenched.


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